I want to present You a two-part netsuke, Hare jumping out of a snail shell, using the Maki-e technique on the snail shell there is a spiral of eggshell with hieroglyphs denoting zodiac animals, the Hare jumping out of an endless spiral to become a symbol of the next New Year! On the snail there is also a piece of the Moon with a silver Hare and of course a fan with two running bunnies. Next year is the year of the Hare or Rabbit, the year of family and home comfort, warmth of relationships, love and joy! The sizes of two-part netsuke are 4.8 cm tall, the size of snail shell is 3.5 cm across, the diameter of black wood stand is 5.1 cm across, its thickness is 0.5 cm. Available for purchase.