Takamakie on Kiji-nuri ground, this ground was done on the carved wooden surface with Seshime Urushi, Roiro-Urushi and Kanshitsu. There are silver Hiramefun and "drops of rain" done with silver Marufun. The Ants were done with Ikkaki-Urushi, colored with Kuro-nakanuri Urushi and pink mother-of-pearl for wings of queen, small stones and pieces of dried grasses were covered with Keshifun gold. The size of this Manju netsuke is 5.2 cm across, 1.2 cm thick. Ojime was done in the same way. The cord was handmade. 2021. Portugal, private collection.

"Ants and raindrops" are a piece of the summer garden where life is always present in the most diverse form. Ants are very hardworking insects, children are always watching with interest the life of an anthill.
"Anta and rain drops" is Manju netsuke made in traditional Japanese lacquer technique Taka-maki-e.