Walking through the woods, you can find many interesting ideas. Empty snail shells look like abandoned houses. With a little imagination and a lot of work, an abandoned house looks like a captive basket with autumn vine leaves, a curious snail explores its captive house, a red and white rose petal looks like a luxurious pedestal. A riot of autumn colors, leaves and bunch of grapes, Indian summer and pleasant memories ... The wicker pattern on the shell is made with the help of Kanshitsu - small grains of dried yellow colored Urushi, red Urushi, gold Marufun. Braided cord inserted into Himotoshi. The motley white and red petal of the autumn rose with gold Nashiji flakes echoes the riot of the autumn palette. Snail dimensions: 3.9 cm x 4 cm. Petal dimensions: 6 cm x 5 cm. Published in the International Netsuke Society Journal, volume 42, number 2. Available for purchase.