If You look at the full Moon - Chushu no meigetsu, You can see the silhouette of a rabbit pounding in a mortar either the powder of immortality, or rice - the source of life, but the rabbit turned out to be on the Moon for his self-sacrifice for the Buddha. The rabbit is also known for its good disposition, intelligence and ingenuity, quick legs, and also courage, which is probably why the Silver Gate on the Moon is also guarded by rabbits. My version of the gatekeeper is a white rabbit in armor like a samurai. In other words, this is a story about a Japanese rabbit guarding a bag with a pot, in which either the powder of immortality, or rice. This rabbit is made from a piece of mammoth tusk, the armor is covered with Urushi lacquers, gold and silver powder, the eyes are inlaid, the height of the rabbit is 5.1 cm, ojime is 2.5 cm, hand-woven cord. 2023. Belgium, the private collection.