Ryusa netsuke "Carp under the lotus leaves preparing to jump" with ojimi in the style of Shishiabori. The ryusa is made from a piece of mammoth tusk, 5.2 cm in diameter (2 inches) and 1.25 cm thick (1/2 inch), tinted with Yashabushi, burned with a needle, mother-of-pearl for inlays. 2023. 鯉の滝登り - Koi no takinobori - a carp that ascends the waterfall through the Dragon Gate and after swimming up the Yellow River, turns into a dragon. It is a symbol of significant success. Therefore, this fish is called the king of all fish, it is considered a symbol of power and superiority. And also the carp symbolizes the desire for ambitious goals and serves as an example of success achieved through overcoming difficulties and obstacles. In the Buddhist tradition, carp means fearlessness and courage. And since carps can live up to 200 years, they also symbolize longevity. In May of each year, colorful rag carps are put on display in Japan to celebrate the traditional tango no sekku (Boys' Day), and cloth carps flutter all over Japan, a symbol of wishing boys to be strong and successful. "Koi-nobori" symbolizes the wish for boys to grow up into beautiful men and easily overcome all difficulties. The length of the carp depends on the age of the children, the largest symbolizes the head of the family. 2023. Available for purchase.