In Japanese art, the heron symbolizes elegance, purity and grace. These birds are often depicted in various art forms, including paintings, pottery and kimono designs, reflecting the beauty and cultural traditions of Japan. A flying heron symbolizes good luck and prosperity, and also reflects the desire for heights of spirit, physical and spiritual purification. The flying heron, like the crane, is a bird that is perceived as capable of reaching heavenly heights, symbolizing ambition and the ability to achieve high goals. Ryusa netsuke "Heron" was carved from mammoth ivory, 2 inches in diameter, half an inch thick, Urushi lacquers, gold, silver and koban (an alloy of gold and silver with a greenish tint), inlaid eyes with mother of pearl and black water buffalo horn, braided cord and ojimi mammoth tusk with Urushi lacquers. 2024. Russia, private collection.