It was carved from the mammoth tusk Height 6 cm. March 2004. Amazons - a legendary tribe of women-warriors who according ancient Greeks lived in Minor Asia, on the Northeast seacoast of Black Sea were they created a belligerent state. Amazons battle the Greeks at Themiscrya. It was probably the final war with the Greeks. After a defeat in Themiscrya the Amazons are taken captive on Greek ships. They successfully overtake the Greek captors and sail aimlessly until they reach Lake Maoetis (Sea of Azov), where they eventually marry and fight alongside their Scythian male mates. They form a new Sauromatian culture. Amazons are the first to mount horses. The Amazons were originally based around the River Tanais (Don), which was named for the son of Lysippe, one of their queens. Two different tribes were reported as the Amazons. The first tribe settled among the Caucasus Mountain Range along the edge of Asia Minor. The second resided along the southern edge of the Mediterranean in Libya. There are a lot of mentions about Amazons in ancient historical manuscripts. "Father of History" Herodotus who lived in the 5'th century B.C. thought that the Amazons settled in Scythia and mixed with Scythians, so their successors were called Sarmats. 2008. USA, private collection.