The fan is beautiful in itself, the fan gives coolness in the summer heat, the geisha dances with the fan, and the coquettish snail took 7 fans for good luck. Snail: red Urushi, red Kanshitsu, 7 fans and 7 different Maki-e. 7 fans – 7 different technicues of Maki-e: 1.Eggshell – Rankaku. 2.On the blue Urushi I painted blue waves and sprinkled them with silver Nashiji - tsukegaki. 3.On a black fan, I made stripes of katagami using a silver Nashiji, on top of a bamboo branch painted with gold Marufun. 4. I drew peonies on the pieces of mother-of-pearl – mijingai oki ji and sprinkled them with gold Nashiji flakes. 5.Ducks on a silver background made with tin powder - suzu using Sumie togidashi technique 6."Deer skin" - kanoko - large silver Hiramefun coarse circles on the gold Nashiji flakes. 7.On the secon black fan I added gold Nashiji flakes. Snail dimensions: height 4.6 cm, length 4.2 cm. Red braided cord. A white rose petal with red veins is the stage for the dance of the snail with fans. The petal is carved from a piece of mammoth tusk, red Urushi and silver Hiramefun, 6.3 cm x 5.8 cm. Published in the International Netsuke Society Journal, volume 42, number 2. Available for purchase.