Netsuke double-sided Yuki-onna/Hannya mask was carved from a walrus tusk, mask height 8.8 cm, blue and black Urushi, silver, eyes inlaid with mother of pearl and black buffalo horn. Can be used as a neck tie. 2024. Available for purchase. On a cold winter night, when the snow falls in thick flakes, you can see the silhouette of a beautiful woman woven from snowflakes, like a white silent ghost. Her white hair, like snow swirls, covers her shoulders, and her eyes shine with an icy light, like stars in a cloudless night sky. This is Yuki-onna - the snow woman, a creature that simultaneously attracts and frightens. Her cold beauty fascinates people, but beneath the charm of her beauty lies a mortal danger. Those who met her in the forest described her as a beautiful vision, but their admiration quickly turned to horror as Yuki-onna approached. She could stop a heart with her gaze or freeze a soul with her breath. But at the same time, under the impenetrable mask of cold, sensuality and passion lurked, capable of kindling a flame in the hearts of even the most cold-blooded. Yuki-onna wanders among snowy peaks and icy waterfalls, causing awe, love and death, leaving behind a trail of mysteries and legends that continued to live in the hearts of those who dared to meet her on their way. 氷のように冷たい目をした雪女が触れると、冬が目を覚ます Icy eyes, Touch Yuki-onna, Winter awakens. I am very grateful for the help of Guy de la Rupelle in editing the Japanese translation of the haiku.