The invasion of Hunny, in the early seventieth of IV c., provoked The Great Migration of People into Europe. This event destroyed the Western Roman Empire. Probably, European Hunny were a part of Asiatic Hunny who went to West after the defeat in 155. It’s assumed that they united with the local nomads at a new place of South of Russia. Archaeologists had found very many berials of nomads with weapons, gold hand-made articles, harnesses, battle horses and many others. Also there were many images of nomads. These images were drawn by conquered settled peoples. These facts let us to imagine how the nomads of Hunny alliance looked. The Hunny women carried diadems with a trefoil and a pendant at the left temple. The belts of Hunny women were narrower than men’s belts. There were a sword, a dagger, some amulets, a hand mirror, a comb, a purse and etc. on the belt. In Attila’s epoch the swords were two-bladed, 70-80 centimeters long and 4-4.5 cm wide. The crosspiece of Hunny sword had eagles’ head and a pendant. The sheath was made from wood and had two cramps. The swords were suspended slantwise, because it was comfortable for the riders. This fine sculpture has been carved from the ivory mammoth tusk. Height is 12 cm. 2003. USA, private collection.